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mental health speaker in dallas

mental health speaker in dallasI get back from a Spring Break road trip, where I also keynoted at a conference, and have to prep for another keynote session.

I also have work and home stuff to catch up on after being gone for 10 days. All I want to do is relax. Have you ever felt that way? Where you need a vacation from your vacation?!

After dinner, B wants to watch a movie, before he goes back to school in two days. I love the idea, because it’s the perfect excuse to relax and unwind.

I say, “Let’s watch Bad Guys, I’ve never seen it.”

“I’ve seen it 5 times, so I want something else.”

Not quite understanding how he’s seen it so many times, and I never have, he says, “Because when we have movie night, you usually stay for a few minutes, then leave to work or do something else.”

WHAT?! Really?! I know I do that sometimes, but I didn’t realize I did it that often.

That hit me. HARD!

Do you ever feel like you should be getting more things done? Or that there’s so much to do, you should be doing it as opposed to relaxing or taking a breather. Or doing it at the same time you’re “relaxing?” Although let’s be honest, if you’re doing it at the same time, you’re not really relaxing, you just tell yourself that you are.

Even as someone who speaks on and teaches these things to others, it’s easy to get caught up in the “I got stuff I should be doing mentally,” and do it as opposed to spending time with family, friends, or yourself….instead of unwinding or relaxing.

Say Yes to Yourself.

So whether at home or at work, take time throughout your day to depress and recharge. When you do, you’ll find you have more energy and can be more productive when doing tasks, projects, or “stuff.” You’ll also get those things done a lot faster.

It doesn’t have to be lots of time. Carve out pockets of time throughout your day to give back to yourself…have a laugh, go for a walk, or rest your eyes…just don’t fall asleep 🙂 You deserve it, and your body and mind will thank you for it. After all, your giving back to yourself and also helping you be more productive, which means getting things done faster, so you have more time for other things.

So, I Said Yes to movie night. Where I literally laid there for 90 minutes side by side with my son and watched a full movie…no work, no phone, no distractions.

And it felt AH.MAZ.ING!!

What can you do to get out of your comfort zone and into possibilities?

What will you Say Yes to today that will feel amazing too?

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