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Say Yes to You

I get back from a Spring Break road trip, where I also keynoted at a conference, and have to prep for another keynote session. I

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30 Days of Yes Journey (bonus: combat burnout)

Your brain is wired to quickly say No things when you feel uncertain, hesitant, or scared. Learn how to find the right opportunities to say Yes to that will change your life.

It’s not about saying Yes to everything. It’s about being intentional about what you say Yes to and rewiring your brain to those opportunities.

30 days of saying Yes will change how you lead, work, and live.

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How Companies Aren’t Doing Enough to Help Employee Burnout

Most companies aren’t doing enough to prevent or address employee burnout.

Burnout has impacted most people in some capacity in the last two years alone.

Whether you’re the one who has had burnout or someone on your team has, your organization has been affected, yet most companies operate as though burnout will work itself out on its own.

It never goes away on its own. In order to prevent and alleviate work burnout, you have to be intentional and strategic with it.

The #1 way to help your people with burnout is to implement a burnout program.

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Why Burnout Affects You Even if You’re Not the One Burned Out

You might have heard of this thing called #burnout.

It’s hitting every company, position, and industry.

If you think it’s not impacting your organization, it is.

Even if you’re not the one who has it, there are others in your workforce that do.

When one person is in burnout, it impacts the team, leaders, and the whole organization.


Think of it this way…

Burnout doesn’t stay self-contained.

So when you have burnout, it impacts how you:

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Uncover the Biggest Risk to Your Organization and Why You Should Audit It

Often times, organizations spend time on helping their people with better leadership, communication, or sales skills, which are needed, but they overlook the biggest risk to their organization…burnout.

If you’re like most companies, you’re not auditing for it, recognizing its massive impact, or implementing strategies to help with it.

Why is burnout a big risk?

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