Why Work Burnout Needs to be a Hot Topic at Your Corporate Speaking Event in 2023

work burnout topic at corporate speaking event

To increase productivity in the workplace, corporate entities should have budgets for seminars, workshops, and team-building retreats. These are where employees get enlightened on topics like stress management, team building, work burnout, and other career-changing matters.

We’ve had an alarming increase of employees that underperform as a result of being burnout both mentally and physically. Having a career professional speak on work burnout at your next corporate event in 2023 would help promote employee wellness, and team productivity, as well as spike up your profit margin.

Addressing Dysfunctional Workplace Dynamics

You need at least one keynote speaker to address dysfunctional workplace dynamics and their relations with work burnout. Some employees generally have a problem with workplace hierarchy while others just have to deal with bullies for a boss. Nonetheless, when employees feel undermined in any way, it affects their job flow which in turn reduces their productivity at work.

Working in such an unhealthy work environment builds up stress in the workplace which is one of the prominent signs of work burnout. In your corporate speaking event coming 2023, it is paramount that you have one of the keynote speakers address this issue. Inviting a career professional to share practical tips on handling workplace hierarchy – would contribute to the overall employee wellness of the organization.

Providing Practical Solutions to Energy Depletion and Exhaustion

When the professional efficacy of an employee reduces, that’s a major sign of work burnout. It can be alarming when a once vibrant, idealistic, and creative employee turns some other replaceable staff in the workplace. Lots of employees suffer energy depletion and exhaustion today. The sad truth is that employees would rather have experts talk or counsel them out of it. Your upcoming corporate speaking event is the safest space for addressing energy depletion.

Even the best, most promising, and overly qualified employees burn out of their overly enthusiastic energy at some point. You need a keynote speaker that’d better explain work burnout to employees at the event. They need to understand that it isn’t stereotypical and anyone regardless of their level of commitment to the company could get burnout at some point. Only an experienced speaker can address the issues linking work burnout to energy depletion.

Speaking on Work-life Imbalance

Employers need to understand that discouraging their employees from life outside work only results in more harm than good. To reduce the negative effects of work burnout, you should invite a speaker that has mastered work-life dynamics over the years. This speaker would address the long-term effect of work-life imbalance and how it can potentially ruin an employee’s career. It’s not rocket science, we’re first humans and there would always be a void that career success can’t fill.

With proper work-life balance, the employee becomes a visionary. He/she understands the company’s visions and objectives and can easily integrate them with theirs. Your keynote speaker would address how work-life imbalance results in increased sick leaves where the employee needs more personal time off work. Work-life imbalance causes work burnout which often results in long-term defects like family strife, divorce, alcholism, and violence by the affected employee.

Redundant Teamwork Spirit

As career professionals, we’re only half as successful as the success of our team. Projects get lapse and sometimes crumble due to the insufficiency or incompetency of a team member. An employee going through work burnout could constantly feel demoralized to carry out the team’s task except when assigned to do so. When your keynote speaker comes to speak on work burnout coming 2023, they’d talk about ways to reignite the team spirit at the workplace.

Only a career professional with expertise in work burnout can address the roots of redundant teamwork spirit among employees. Your coming corporate speaking event should have activities where participants get to learn and practice effective team bonding exercises together. These exercises would help affected team members get proper orientation on how to handle work burnout defects.

Addressing Poor Compensation & Incentive Programs

Incentive programs are a major part of a successful workspace irrespective of its business model. Devoted employees love to feel appreciated and when their hard work and commitment aren’t noticed, they get burnout. Your corporate speaking event should feature a session where an expert talks about the effect of poor compensation on devoted employees. When addressed, employees would do better to meet deadlines since there’s a promotional opportunity at stake.

Incentive programs at the workplace should meet certain standards for the recipients to feel truly compensated. For example, awarding a 10-year employee with a $100 shopping voucher might not be the best way to compensate for their years of committed services. You should have an interactive session where participants engage in Q&As revolving around incentive program standards and expectations. Communicating with like-minded people is a good way to tackle work burnout.

Increased Mental Distance & Cynical Feelings

Cynicism has always been an existing issue in the workplace for centuries. Employees get cynical feelings and burnout in the process when the management makes unrealistic promises without fulfilling them. You should invite career professionals to help participants handle the feeling of distrust in their employers. Rather than giving up on the policies and work structure already in place, there are better ways to bring these issues to management.

You can learn to create overall workplace happiness with subsequent seminars where employees air their matters of distrust. Psychological distance is also a common defect of work burnout. Overly stressed employees become mentally distanced from the day-to-day operations of their company. You should have a professional talk on practical ways to get back on track at your corporate speaking event – hence overcoming work burnout.


There’s an actual thing called Employees Mental Health Crisis and this is often triggered by work burnout. When you put together a corporate speaking event with speakers to address work burnout, the participants feel appreciated for the effort. Such a gesture would make any employee cynical feeling recognize they are valued by management.

You need a work burnout speaker at your corporate speaking event coming in 2023. I’d be glad to help.

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