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Jessica RectorPicture this…it’s the end of Jessica’s presentation, and the audience is energized. They’ve been asked questions they have never asked themselves. They have a new perspective on things. They are rejuvenated for work, life, themselves. They are ready to put into action what they learned…and they want more.

They’re inspired and want to take something home with them…something that will help them reiterate the information they just received. Something that will continue to uplevel their thinking and keep them on track for the renewed self.

During the program, Jessica will build the audience’s interest in the item you’ve selected. Then when they expect a sales pitch, Jessica will share with them your surprise gift. They can’t buy the item, because you’re giving it to them.

The audience loves this. Their reaction is huge! It’s so impactful, we offer deep discounts, 50% or more, to help make it happen!


Why the Deep Discount?

  • Jessica is sincerely interested in spreading her message and helping people act on it. Jessica’s books help reiterate that.
  • People want a keepsake to take home. It reinforces their transformation and reiterates their not alone in their journey.
  • It creates an amazing feeling of appreciation from the whole group to you.
  • It shows Jessica’s thankfulness for being in front of your audience and serving them.
  • Bulk orders save money, so we pass that savings onto you.


Customize Your Order

Give us enough time, and we can customize Jessica’s books to your name, event, theme, or message. You let us know if you want to do it extravagantly or simply. We’ll work with you to make it happen.


Make an impact at your next event when you book Jessica for your keynote presentation. Contact her at (817) 523-1529 today!

Watch Jessica In Action

The best way to experience Jessica is by seeing and hearing her.

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Thought Leader Jessica Rector creates a one-of-a-kind winning experience while giving your audience strong takeaways to implement right away. Learn More


Jessica doesn't believe in boredom. As a dynamic speaker, she engages and interacts with your audience, giving them every ounce of herself. Learn More

Workshop Leader

Jessica doesn't just talk about what works. At your training, she'll share how to improve performance, sales, and influence through personal experiences while adding humor, energy and enthusiasm. Learn More


Get the strategies to change what you say to yourself about yourself, so you can think bigger, play bolder, and be your best self!  

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