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Why Book Jessica

    Create an experience. You want to wow your audience and give them an experience they will always remember and come again next year. Jessica creates a one-of-a-kind experience, with powerful interaction, games audiences love to play, and strong takeaways your attendees can easily put into action.
    Energy, energy, energy. You’ve had some snoozer speakers. Jessica is definitely not one of them. She’s known for her lively examples and her energy that never quits. She lights up any audience, gets them eager to learn, and has a fun way of doing it. All without any caffeine.
    Change happens in the room. Jessica gets her audiences to think in a new and different way. As many audience members have shared, she gets them to ask questions they’ve never asked themselves. Thus creating real change in that moment.
    Jessica’s message work. Jessica’s message resonates so deeply with audiences, that they’ve been known to come back to her that same day sharing how they took immediate action, did something they never did before, and stepped outside their comfort zone. Because they love the results so much, they tell her how they will continue to do it with their teams, staff, and clients.
    Tailored message. Jessica will hop on a call with you to tailor her presentation to YOUR audience and mission. You talk directly with her and not through a bureau or agency unless you’re already working with one. She’s also happy to make a short video for your event to help promote it.
    Connection. Audiences feel an immediate bond with Jessica through her authenticity. She has an uncanny ability to draw her audience in with her intimate stories allowing them to know and connect with her on a more personal level, while also being entertaining, engaging, and fun.
    Rare Talent. Jessica has the unique ability and rare combination to leave herself fully open and exposed on the stage for the audience while also demonstrating energy, passion, and enthusiasm. She has that “Wow” factor creating a memorable, lasting impression, or so she is told by meeting planners and audience members 🙂
    Lead by example. Jessica doesn’t just speak about vulnerability, she demonstrates it in her presentations, to show how it can be done any time, anywhere. Very few speakers can do that.
    Jessica’s done it. Jessica speaks on what she knows works and on topics she has dealt with and overcame firsthand. Jessica shares the step by step approach, along with the possibilities, because she teaches from her personal experiences and knows what it takes to improve performance, increase sales, and enhance leadership.

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