Improving Your Productivity, Effectiveness, and Connections

The Impact of Emotional IQ

You make decisions based on your emotions. The way you feel impacts how you communicate with others, build a relationship, or close a client. Your emotional state can dictate how you lead your people.

With 48,000 negative thoughts a day running through your mind, it’s easy for them to impact your emotions which dictate your actions and behaviors. Or you keep them bottled up, and you become like a ticking time bomb, waiting to have a mid-life crisis, breakdown, or melt down.

Your inner dialogue is the foundation for your emotional health, which is at the core of your work. Your self talk leads to stress, burnout, and health issues. In this ground breaking session, Jessica Rector helps you figure out what you are saying to yourself about yourself and how to tune into your emotions to improve your performance, sales, and influence.

When your self is aligned, you’re able to have a bigger impact. Jessica shares the process to manage stress, frustration and pressure, while giving you tools to release your emotions in a healthy and productive way, so you can easily connect with customers, coworkers, and referral sources. You will replace your current pattern of inner dialogue with one that allows you to be re-energized and empowered, increasing morale, performance, and reach. Change your thinking, get in touch with your emotions, and make a bigger impact on people, performance, and possibilities.

Your attendees will discover:

    How to turn negative self-talk into better communication, cohesive teams, and stronger connections
    How knowing your values and beliefs develop a stronger sense of self and inner power increasing emotional health and happiness
    How to create a balance between work and home
    How emotions impact their performance, client interactions, and retention
    The questions you must ask yourself in order to know where your negative inner talk comes from
    How to release their emotions in a productive way to improve their morale, performance, and client connections


This program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be tailored for online delivery. It will be customized to your needs.

The Impact of Emotional IQ on Mental Health Specialized Program:

As someone who attempted suicide in her teens and whose 40-year-old successful brother died by suicide, Jessica created a specialized Emotional IQ program called The Impact of Emotional IQ on Mental Health. This specialized program includes all the takeaways from the above program The Impact of Emotional IQ and also addresses emotional health’s relationship to mental health, its impact on your mind, and how to prevent it from leading to tragedy. This specific program is great for conferences, companies, and industries who are focused on decreasing addiction, depression, or suicide, while also increasing health, wellness, morale, and productivity in their people.

Increase your impact today! — Contact Jessica Rector at (817) 523-1529 to bring her into your event.

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