Turning Negative Thoughts into Better Selling Yourself

The Five Things Sales People Say to Themselves to Sabotage Their Success

If you don’t reach your sales quotas, you fear your job is on the line. The more you think about the goals, the more stress and pressure you feel to meet them. Then the more someone says, “No,” the more rejected you feel, which decreases your confidence. You have the training and the skills, so you aren’t sure what keeps you from hitting your numbers.

Most sales people don’t think about what goes through their mind before they make a sale. What are you saying to yourself about yourself? In this dynamic, high content session, Jessica, an award winning former top sales leader at a $40 billion international company, shares with you the things sales people say to themselves to sabotage their sales. She uses her research to show you how to turn these negative thoughts into positive action, because before you can sell any product or service, you first must sell yourself.

You’ll discover the process of a successful sale (unlike any other process), which starts before a conversation with a potential client. You will uncover how to engage in rejection, leverage rejection, and get what you want, so you’ll increase your relationships and sales. Jessica shares her secret for you to immediately increase your confidence, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

You will also transform your sales with Jessica’s powerful “Three Seconds Decision” technique to not just meet your quotas but exceed them.

Your attendees will discover:

    How to stop sabotaging yourself and increase your sales
    How to use the Three Seconds Decision technique to exceed your quota
    The right questions to ask in order to turn rejection into more clients
    How to increase your numbers by changing your internal conversations
    The most powerful pose to immediately increase confidence whether you’re giving a proposal, presentation, or pitch
    How to be more confident anytime, anywhere, and with anyone


This program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day session. It can also be tailored for online delivery. This session works great for sales team training by itself or in conjunction with Break Through Burnout.

Book Jessica Rector at (817) 523-1529 to help your audience members exceed their goals, quotas, and expectations!

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