EVERYTHING begins with Courageous Conversations

Jessica Doesn’t Just Talk About It…she takes you through the proven steps and demonstrates it. Oh, and she doesn’t believe in boredom.

Jessica does what other speakers can’t. She takes you on a professional and personal development, transformational journey. She helps you recognize your own potential and how to get there. She doesn’t do this by what she has read, but through her own experiences for what works (and what hasn’t). Her messages are about improvement….in performance, productivity, leadership, communication, confidence, health, sales, teams, and self….and they work for everyone…anytime, anywhere. Through her research, she demonstrates how no matter where you’re wanting to improve, it all begins with your inner dialogue.

Before you can sell, become a great leader, be more productive, better communicate, build relationships, or become healthy, you must know the art of courageous conversations, which is the beginning of any chain of events that follow. It’s easy to keep repeating the same things over and over to ourselves, and that’s what decreases output, turns into to bad health, leads to burnout, and creates poor leadership. Jessica helps your audience tackle the starting point for anything they want to improve, have, or be. She teaches them the art of courageous conversations with themselves about themselves, so they can better lead, communicate, produce, and connect.

Her presentations are perfect for setting the tone at the beginning, leaving the event ready to take action, or where your audience needs a boost of energy. Call Jessica to discuss your keynote speaker, full day, or half day needs.

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  • “Jessica’s thought-provoking presentation left the audience in awe….If you’re ready to embark upon a revolutionary life experience, I highly recommend Jessica Rector.”

    Marguritte Johnson, meeting planner
  • “Jessica was most impressive to me. She was able to adapt her message to tailor the needs of our specific audience. Jessica has a natural gift for being able to create a comfort zone between the audience and herself. Jessica’s message and delivery style are very memorable, and I highly recommend her for any venue.”

    Dawn Ault, meeting planner
  • “I’ve attended conferences for 30 years, and you’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard. I would love to hear you more.”

    South Dakota Early Childhood Development Conference
  • “Jessica saved my life today. I was feeling really down on my way to the conference. I was questioning if I really matter. Once I listened to her everything changed. I knew I was supposed to come to the conference to hear her speak.”

    Parent Leadership Conference
  • “You’re amazing. I love your mission. We think very highly of you.”

    World Domination Summit
  • “Jessica was easy to work with and has great communication skills. Our attendees were highly engaged after hearing Jessica’s keynote, and because of her keynote, the audience’s energy level stayed high throughout the conference.”

    Tristin Mock, meeting planner
  • “Remarkable! Tremendous! Life Changing! You exceeded my expectations! The message you brought was tailored made to fit our group. Your impact will extend to family, friends, and those they come into contact with. You have a passion for giving every ounce of yourself to others. You are truly an amazing motivational speaker, and I highly recommend you as a speaker to any venue.”

    Patti Spencer, meeting planner


Partial Client List

  • Keller Williams
  • Century 21
  • Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association
  • The University of Texas, Arlington Leadership Conference
  • Oregon Leadership Conference
  • National Speakers Association
  • World Domination Summit
  • Virginia Head Start Association Annual Conference
  • eWomenNetwork, Inc.
  • South Dakota Early Childhood Development Conference
  • Texas Business Women
  • PTA Conference

Contact Jessica at (817) 523-1529 to book her for your opening or closing keynote speaker.

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