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Rescue Your Conversations

You say thousands of things a day. How are you conversations impacting your peers, potential clients, or team environment? How is it contributing to your stress, frustration, or anger?

When talking with others, people usually communicate from their experiences, what works for them, and how they take in information. Not realizing that others take in and process information differently, which is why something that seems so simple as, “Hi, how are you” can land in various ways when people hear it.

In this high valued, dynamic presentation, Jessica Rector helps your audience enhance their external communication by first getting clear on their internal communication. She shares how their inner talk is directly impacting how they speak to others, what they’re saying, and how it might not be received as intended. You’ll discover how to build your confidence, so you’re secure having an in depth conversation with an employee, asking for the sale with a potential client, or giving a presentation to your peers. She’ll share what it takes to have open communication with anyone and how the hardest thing to do is the thing you need to do most to ensure better communication. Whether these communications are with a boss, employees, parent, child, spouse, friend, or between genders, Jessica’s strategies bridge the gap and make communication easier for all involved.


Your attendees will discover:

  • The verbal skills needed to communicate with different personalities
  • How to effectively communicate with the opposite gender
  • The four ways people process information and how to differentiate between them
  • How to use language that resonates with each of the ways people take in information
  • Behaviors that lead to trust and respect
  • Methods to establish a culture of appreciation, celebration, and team effectiveness
  • The key to open communication and how to do it in every conversation
  • Increase confidence when speaking to anyone, anytime, anywhere about anything
  • How to reduce negative inner talk in order to courageously lead, ask for what you want and get it, and be heard and understood

Book Jessica Rector at (817) 523-1529 to improve your attendees’ communication with clients, team members, and personal relationships.

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