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Jessica Doesn’t Just Talk About It…She Takes You Through The Emotions and Demonstrates It. (Oh, and she doesn’t believe in boredom.)

Jessica does what other speakers can’t. She takes you on a personal development, transformational journey. She helps you recognize your own potential and how to get there. She doesn’t do this by what she has read, but through her own experiences for what works (and what doesn’t). Her messages are about change and better leading, loving, and living, and it works for everyone…anytime, anywhere. Her presentations are perfect for setting the tone at the beginning, leaving the event ready to take action, or where your audience needs a boost of energy. Call Jessica to discuss your keynote speaker, full day, or half day needs.

Keynote Experience

release the clark kentConquer the Battle in Your Head: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Actions, Change Your Life

In Jessica’s signature presentation, she transforms lives on the spot. She shares how changing your thoughts can take you from stuck and feeling plateaued to reaching higher goals, developing stronger relationships, and becoming a courageous leader. These steps work for anyone, anytime, anywhere. You’ll immediately start changing what you say to yourself about yourself.

Keynote Experience




the power of worthiness

Rescue Your Communication Style

In this dynamic presentation, Jessica helps attendees effectively and directly communicate so what they want to say is understood and received the way its intended. She reveals where the breakdown happens and how to bridge the gap to enhance your communication with anyone.

Communication Style



Leadership, Sales, and Goals

the power of worthiness

Lean Into Rejection

We learn rejection as kids and because of the associated pain, we train ourselves to run away from it. Rejection is part of the process in getting people to know, like, and trust you. Jessica will show you how to turn rejection into getting what you want and how to make it your greatest asset.

Lean Into Rejection



Professional and Personal Development

winning in the game of life

Break Through Burnout

Stress. Frustration. Overwhelm. Unhappiness. Exhaustion. Burnout has left you feeling unfulfilled or questioning your purpose. Jessica helps you tackle burnout and revitalize your passion, so you can help more people, build a stronger team, and effectively address clients’ needs, all the while taking care of what matters most…you.

Break Through


Professional and Personal Development

identity crisis

Emotional Health: Changing Your Self-Talk to Prevent Addiction, Depression, and Suicide

What you say to yourself about yourself affects everything in your life. Your negative self-talk creates a falsehood of worthiness making you believe you’re not enough and reducing your confidence and love for yourself which can lead to addiction, depression, and suicide. Jessica shares how to turn your negative thoughts into inner power.

Emotional Health


  • “I’ve attended conferences for 30 years, and you’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard. I would love to hear you more.”

    South Dakota Early Childhood Development Conference
  • “Jessica saved my life today. I was feeling really down on my way to the conference. I was questioning if I really matter. Once I listened to her everything changed. I knew I was supposed to come to the conference to hear her speak.”

    Parent Leadership Conference
  • “You’re amazing. I love your mission. We think very highly of you.”

    World Domination Summit
  • “Jessica was easy to work with and has great communication skills. Our attendees were highly engaged after hearing Jessica’s keynote, and because of her keynote, the audience’s energy level stayed high throughout the conference.”

    Tristin Mock, meeting planner
  • “Remarkable! Tremendous! Life Changing! You exceeded my expectations! The message you brought was tailored made to fit our group. Your impact will extend to family, friends, and those they come into contact with. You have a passion for giving every ounce of yourself to others. You are truly an amazing motivational speaker, and I highly recommend you as a speaker to any venue.”

    Patti Spencer, meeting planner


Partial Client List

  • World Domination Summit
  • Parent Leadership Conference
  • Virginia Head Start Association Annual Conference
  • South Dakota Early Childhood Development Conference
  • Survive and Thrive Conference
  • Texas Business Women
  • PTA Conference
  • The University of Texas, Arlington Leadership Conference


Contact Jessica at (817) 523-1529 to book her for your opening or closing keynote speaker.

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Inspirational Thought Leader Jessica Rector believes in helping men find what's holding them back, creating a plan of attack, and educating the women around them on what men need most. Learn More


Jessica doesn't believe in boredom. She gives your audience every ounce of herself. Learn More

Workshop Leader

Jessica doesn't just talk about what works. At your training, she'll share through personal experience while adding humor, energy and enthusiasm. Learn More


Get the strategies to change what you say to yourself about yourself, so you can think bigger, play bolder, and be your best self!  

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