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Motivational Keynote Presentation: Change Your Thoughts to Achieve and Be More

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Actions, Change Your Life Signature Keynote Presentation by Jessica Rector

When most people think about communication, they think about conversations between two people…external communication. They forget about the conversations they have with themselves…internal communications. You have 60,000 thoughts a day. Eighty percent are negative thoughts. Your thoughts impact the quality of your life. So what are you saying to yourself about yourself? As an Inner Communication Specialist, Jessica Rector helps audiences figure out the things holding them back in their careers, relationships, health, and lives. She walks them through the strategy of eliminating the old patterns and developing a new blueprint for their thoughts. When they are able to do this, they change what they believe about themselves. They are able to set and reach higher goals. They have deeper connections. They are able to think bigger and achieve more.

The message is powerful, strong, and empowering for individuals to reach new heights. It helps them build a necessary foundation for them to better lead, love, and live which affects their home, work, happiness, health, and a company’s bottom line.


Jessica’s Change Your Thoughts motivational keynote presentation will:

  • Begin your conference with energy, excitement, and empowerment. Give that burst of energy to ignite continual learning
  • Create new, positive thoughts processes in your people
  • Inspire your people to become more transparent
  • Create real communication between your people and their clients
  • Develop a stronger connection and team mentality
  • Build better success through thought, beliefs, and actions
  • Transform your people from what is to what could be and being open to opportunities
  • Empower your people to set systems that create a ripple effect
  • For closing keynotes, give your people the strategies and tools to implement what they have learned


You and your people will discover:

  • What it takes to change what they say to themselves about themselves
  • The ways negative thoughts arise
  • The power of authenticity and how it leads to more effective communication
  • How to build stronger client, employee, and team relationships through vulnerability
  • How to identify where these thought patterns originated and how to develop a new blueprint
  • The relationship between thoughts and actions and how to create positive habits
  • How to achieve bold goals that take you as far as you allow them
  • How to retrain your brain around your thoughts and the truth


This program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be tailored for online delivery. It will be customized to your needs.


Get the most value and greatest return on your investment when you book Jessica Rector. Contact her at (817) 523-1529 for the motivational keynote presentation at your next event.

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