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Uplevel productivity, sales, and leadership.

Jessica’s research shows that when employees feel frustrated, burn out, stressed, pressure, or depressed, 70% of the time it’s due to work. Yes, 70% of the time. So what is your company or is your company not doing to contribute to this?

You know your employees are your biggest and best asset, and Jessica helps them improve their productivity, sales, leadership, communication, confidence, and health. But it’s not just about giving them the latest strategies. It all begins with what your people are saying to themselves before they take a single action.

Do you want more sales? What goes through their heads before making a call? Do you desire better leadership? Before learning the tools, they must start with what they’re saying to themselves about being a leader. Do you want your people to be more productive or feel less burnt out? What leads to these begins with their inner conversations.

You can have all the tools, strategies, and techniques for increasing sales, impact, productivity, or health, but those are band-aids when you need a cast. Jessica helps you with the long-term solution, so the impact has longevity and sustainability.

Jessica does in-person training and workshops to help your employees improve performance, increase sales, and enhance influence with the art of courageous conversations…all starting with the dialogue they have with themselves. Whether it’s a half day, full day, or year-long training, Jessica uses her experience and expertise to enhance the skills of your people. She works with your company to create a hands-on package that fits your needs and makes the biggest impact possible.

OBJECTIVES (tailored for your needs):

  • Expand possibilities for growth
  • Develop a system for setting and achieving new goals
  • Conquer limiting beliefs and create rapid progress
  • Uncover the steps of what’s holding you back and create more productivity
  • Explore and implement a process to improve health and wellness
  • Build confidence and stretch your potential
  • Create courageous conversations and increase influence
  • Implement a fun, rewarding atmosphere to reduce turnover and burn out
  • Share how to leverage rejection and cultivate stronger relationships

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