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Advance Your Communication

Bad communication costs an organization about $62.4 million each year in missed opportunities, higher turnover, and more training and recruiting. It’s costing you too.

Do you take the time to think about what you say and how you say it? How can you be more confident in communication?

Confident external communication begins before you say a single word. You speak from the way you’ve always spoken, not taking into account the recipient’s background, experience, or generation. You like things done the way you want them, because that’s what has worked in the past.

Moving forward, it’s not going to work that way. To grow and make a bigger impact, it’s time to change your communication.

Jessica works with you to increase your confidence to talk to anyone, any time, anywhere, about anything. She also shares her strategies for having powerful conversations while tackling the communication that isn’t working within your team and organization. Her proven strategies bridge the communication gap, whether it’s between generations, leaders, clients, or team members!

Your attendees will:

    Communicate with “power language” that resonates with others, resulting in greater connections and relationships

    Use effective communication to become a more powerful leader/peer/team player, earning more trust and respect at work

    Celebrate and recognize others, creating stronger teams and increased engagement


This program can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, or full-day training. It can also be tailored for online delivery. It will be customized to your needs.

Help your people make an impact with their communication. Contact Jessica at (817) 523-1529 and book her for your next event.

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