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about jessicaJessica Rector’s mission is simple: transform lives. Whether those lives are at a conference, volunteering in Africa, audience members participating in Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Actions, Change Your Life experience, or an association, Jessica is dedicated to helping others transform their lives.

Most often, Jessica does this through her presentation Change Your Thoughts where she shares her secrets to courageous leadership and authentic living by walking through your shame. These steps work for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

People struggle with shame, and it shows up in work, home, parenting, relationship, and confidence. As a thought leader on this often suppressed topic, Jessica Rector inspires others to better lead, love, and live by breaking the silence on what holds them back.

From attempting suicide as a teen, self-judgment around becoming a single mom in her thirties, and having a brother who committed suicide, Jessica and shame used to be best friends. She knows the effects shame has on your life and the lives of those around you. She believes when you stop the inner conflict, reduce stressors, and eliminate struggle, life is limitless. Jessica draws from her own experiences to help others reach bigger goals, build stronger relationships, and create joyful lives.

After her brother’s suicide, she became an expert in working with successful men, and the women who love them, to better feel, process, and express their emotions in productive ways. Through her research, she discovered what it takes for men to successfully achieve this and established proven ways for family, partners, and employers to create a safe place for men to be themselves in order to be courageous leaders, authentic communicators, and better men.

Change Your Thoughts is Jessica’s transformational, dynamic presentation. Jessica shares her proven secrets to develop your teams to build better relationships, communications, and leaders.

Jessica is constantly cited as being “impactful, powerful, and engaging.” People “love her energy and enthusiasm” and often citing “We didn’t even know how much we needed Jessica.” Jessica’s unique presentation style imprints the content into memory and creates fast action for real results.

With a BBA, MBA and BS, Jessica is a constant student of growth and development. She started her own TV talk show in Los Angeles with just an idea to help others which led to starting her own company JessICAREctor International and writing her books, Live Your Greatest Life and Live Your Greatest Life Journal. Her highly anticipated soon to be released third book helps people free themselves by taking the silence out of the pain and hurt and eliminate inner conflict.

Jessica has impacted thousands of lives through conducting live events, working with individuals, and speaking at conferences, conventions, and companies including World Domination Summit, Leadership Conferences, Head Start Association of Virginia, and Survive and Thrive just to name a few. Jessica is a Contributor for The Huffington Post and has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Business Journal, and Market Watch.

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